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Max Appeal! is a UK registered charity supporting families affected by DiGeorge syndrome, VCFS and 22q11.2 deletion

"I would like to take this time to thank Max Appeal because without finding this group I would be feeling so very alone and confused. THANK YOU MAX APPEAL."

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Genetic Disorders UK - Jeans for Genes Day - October 2015

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  • Australia and New Zealand for families meeting handout
    Kindly provided by Donna McDonald-Mcginn. Nov 2018 SJ

  • Spanish 22q11.2DS Meeting
    Provided by Gabriela Repetto November 2018 SJ

  • Members Meet up Normanby Hall Country Park, Sunday 16 December 2018
    Image: update-nh-xmas-market-facebook-event-photo-01-1024x576[1]_thumb.jpgMeet up for 22q11 family and friends at Normanby Hall Country Park. 11.00am . Get together for 22q11 families and friends. Please see Max Appeal closed Facebook group for further details.

  • Stevenage Family Meet up Golf, Sunday 09 December 2018
    Image: mulligan-logo-blue[1]_thumb.pngMeet at 3.00pm. Mr Mulligans Stevenage Stevenage Leisure Park, Gunnels Wood Rd, Stevenage SG1 2UA https://mrmulligan.com/stevenage/

  • Meet up Sealife Centre Birmingham, Saturday 09 February 2019
    Image: detail-forms011497395_thumb.pngMax Appeal members outing to Sealife Centre Birmingham.

  • Great North Run 2019, Sunday 08 September 2019
    GNR 2018Max Appeal are pleased to report that we have been successful in securing a Bronze + Charity package for the 2019 event to be held on Sunday 8th September. We have 35 places to fill ! Please email Paul@maxappeal.org.uk to register your interest.

  • 22q11 Awareness Day, Thursday 22 November 2018
    header logoMax Appeal highlights the need for early diagnosis and releases new film to mark awareness day. Thursday 22 November 2018 marks the awareness day for the genetic syndrome 22q11. It is estimated that a staggering 98% of cases in the UK are undiagnosed. Delays in diagnosis not only has an adverse affect on the child and their family, it is also a hidden cost for the NHS, social services and welfare state.

  • Genetics Alliance CONCORD (CoOrdiNated Care Of Rare Disease)
    Genetics AllianceGenetics Alliance are currently recruiting patients, carers and health care professionals to take part in focus groups to develop our understanding of the information that is already available about coordinated care for rare diseases. The findings of the focus groups will inform the development of a survey which will be sent to patients, carers and health care professionals later in the study.

  • Eurodis Photo Award 2019
    Eurodis 2018The EURORDIS Photo Award is an opportunity to visually express what it means to live with a rare disease, exploring its many aspects and to share your story with the rare disease community. Open to everybody around the world, last year saw nearly 400 people from more than 50 different countries submitting a photo, with each reflecting the drive of people living with a rare disease worldwide.

  • Gemma Keir - Chat Magazine Article
    Gemma Keir LoganMum to Logan, Gemma Keir, raising 22q awareness in Chat Magazine. Nov 2018

  • 22q11 Awareness month, Thursday 01 November 2018
    November is the special month to raise awareness of 22q11 Deletion Syndrome.

  • 22q Foundation Australia & New Zealand
    22q australiaLink below are presentations and resources from conferences held in Sydney (26th August 2018) and Auckland (1st September 2018).

  • Shepreth 22q Family Meetup
    Gemma Keir LoganWe had the most wonderful day at Shepreth Wildlife Park. Getting the chance to meet other families going through the same as us means so much. You didn't feel out of place. The children enjoyed the animals and playing in the park. It was overall a great day out and we are sure to join future events with Max Appeal.

  • Cannon Hall Farm 22q Family Meetup
    Cannon Hall farmThank you Lisa for arranging this lovely 22q family meetup. "I travelled from Grimsby to Cannon Hall Farm near Barnsley with my three young children for the Max Appeal meet up in August organised by Lisa Franklin. I thought it sounded like a great day out for the summer holidays and wasn't disappointed. Set in a beautiful park with a stately home, we were able to enter the farm for a heavily discounted fee due to it being a charity event. Lisa was friendly and welcoming as usual, we had an indoor picnic and a catch up then went to the soft play centre for a coffee and chat while the children played. We then went on the adventure playgrounds, the tube maze, the rope park and looked around the animals (including the very smelly piglets!) we stayed longer than I had planned as everyone was having such a good time." - Clover Swale

  • Max Appeal Ramblers 2018
    ready to startonce again whilst most had enjoyed a sensible quiet evening yours truly had slightly over indulged. Upon arrival we knew the promised sun shine was not going to materialise we were surrounded by mist, in hindsight this helped a few in the group who when it came to climbing the higher peaks as we couldn't see just how high we were.

  • 22q Family Day at Scarborough Beach 2018
    Beach day 2018Just got back from the annual Beach Day meet up on Scarborough Beach. An excellent turn out of old friends and new on a beautiful day in sunny Scarborough. The best one yet! This is a fantastic family fun day that is organised every year.

  • Amazon Smile
    AmazonHow does AmazonSmile work? When first visiting smile.amazon.co.uk, customers are prompted to select a charitable organisation. Amazon will give 0.5% of the net purchase price (excluding VAT and other shipping fees) of eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the charitable organisations selected by our customers

  • How Far Will You Go For 22q?
    MedalThe month of November is important on the 22q11 calendar as it's awareness month so here at Max Appeal we are inviting members, families and friends to take part in our virtual race, not only will you be helping to create awareness but also working towards your very own reward medal. So whether you have 22q11 or simply love someone who has the condition strap on your trainers or walking boots and join in, see how far you can go for 22q11 !!!

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