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Ben Nevis Max Appeal Ramblers

15th June 2019 to Sunday 16th June 2019

Image: ben-nevis-small-photo-ben_n-676x239_medium.jpgThe Max Appeal ramblers continue to go from strength to strength as we welcomed new members to our social ramblings in 2019.

This year we set ourselves two challenges, the first of which began in June with a climb up Ben Nevis in Scotland, after arriving early on the Friday evening and enjoying some of the local hospitality we set of to bed early knowing that in the morning we would be challenging ourselves to walk to the highest point in the UK. Please note we class 00.30 as early during our rambling weekends.

So at 07.30am we found ourselves at our starting point which by pure chance happened to be a pub car park which became invaluable upon our return, with a spring in our step we set off to begin the 4,411ft climb to the top, within in a very short amount of time, myself and Ben realised that we might actually be holding the rest of the team up and so we bravely let them forge on ahead whilst we decided we were going to get to the top come what may.

Along the route we not only stopped to admire the breath taking scenery but also to talk to the many thousands of other walkers around us, in fact we became so good at the talking we ended escorting a small band of newly acquired friends up to the summit where we met up with the others before enjoying a picnic consisting of a bottle of Prosecco and a pork Pie. Yes that's right whilst everyone around was trying to shelter from the cold and rain we settled in to toast our success before tackling the long walk back to join the others.