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Lapwings Max Appeal Scottish Members Camp Weekend

First Scottish Max Appeal Camp Weekend 26-29 July 2019

Group lapwingsWritten by Louise, mom and Trustee

Wow. Where do I start! I don't think there's enough words to describe how amazing the first Max Appeal Scottish Camp was. From the minute we arrived until the minute we left there was just smiles and fun in abundance. I'm not gonna lie, myself and Sarah were super anxious about the whole thing. But it all just melted away as soon as we arrived.
Lapwings canoeingOn Friday night we did carpet bowls and a movie.

Saturday morning was Raft Building and Archery.

Saturday afternoon was Canadian Canoeing and Crafts.

Saturday evening was pizza night and another movie.

Sunday morning was Climbing Wall and Crate stacking.

Sunday afternoon was a lovely picture trail walk.

Sunday evening was a lovely Campfire and BBQ then a movie.

All our 22quties amazed us. The way they took on everything and gave it their all was awe inspiring.

Even little 4 year old Anna Louise tried it all! They all had smiles on their faces from start to finish.
Lapwings climbingEveryone in the whole world should take a leaf out of our kids books!
22q CAN DO!

The centre itself was just perfect. Yes it was old, it was basic but you know what? It was just the best.

Ross the warden went over and above for us, nothing was too much trouble for him. He even said yesterday himself and his staff all thoroughly enjoyed the time with us all. The instructors were super patient with everyone.

Big shout out to Jenna for doing it all for the parents lol! I honestly didn't want the weekend to end. Everyone connected so well. Everyone mucked in.

Special mention to our kitchen staff......Sarah our chef and Kat our dishwasher controller! Lol

and to John and Simon our kitchen porters lol Also to Wendy, Caroline and Tasha for all the help they gave.

Lapwings Climbing 1And huge thank you to my hubby Danny who kept telling me I could do it!

This was a huge thing for me, and I'd do it all again a million times over. I could honestly spend all day talking about how amazing the whole weekend was!

I really hope we can make Scottish Camp a yearly thing, it was more than worth it and the confidence building and friend making outcome was met a million times over.
Thank you to everyone who made my weekend so amazing, I'll treasure these memories forever. Love to you all - Louise
Lapwings archeryArchery.
Raft Building lapwingsRaft Building