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Max Appeal Ramblers 2018

On Saturday 21st July the Max Appeal Ramblers took on the challenge of climbing Snowdon,

ready to startonce again whilst most had enjoyed a sensible quiet evening yours truly had slightly over indulged.
Upon arrival we knew the promised sun shine was not going to materialise we were surrounded by mist, in hindsight this helped a few in the group who when it came to climbing the higher peaks as we couldn't see just how high we were.
Snowdon AwarenessOur guide Martin had decided we would tackle the Pyg route which is one of the more challenging routes up to the peak and would include some scrambling, it was therefore important that team work was the order of the day and I have to say that once again it was fantastic with everybody supporting each other and ensuring we all reached the top safely.

Within the group we had some taking on their first ever climb and it was amazing watching how the group interacted to ensure that those with experience were able to guide others. Special mention must go to both Martin Barter (our guide) and Aaron Grounsell who must have climbed the mountain twice as they went backwards and forth helping us all through the more challenging parts
Snowdon Lisa FranklinThis year we were joined by some colleagues both from the railway and from a previous life, this meant that the talk wasn't just about 22q11 life but all had a sympathetic ear and showed genuine interest in the struggles we go through as families, I must thank all my colleagues who took part as they had no bond with Max Appeal or 22q11 yet still risked injury or worse by taking on the climb.
Snowdon GroupEvery single walker reached the summit and whilst we may have all walked the same trail we all took different paths in life to get there, friendships and bonds were made that will last a lifetime and this for me is one of the best features of walks like this as it provides families opportunities to meet and form bonds, its these bonds that are needed to help support all those with '22q11'.
Snowdon SummitNo Max Appeal Ramble would be complete without a hearty meal and this year was no different, Saturday evening was spent in the hotel restaurant finishing the day of as we had started as a group of parents from different back grounds coming together to enjoy each other's company, it was fair to say some quantity of alcohol was drunk and this was put to great use at the disco afterwards.

Please keep an eye out for details of the rambles planned in 2019 as the event continues to grow in popularity, in particular we intend to tackle our highest challenge yet !!!!!!

Mark Tripp
Max Appeal Rambler and Trustee
Snowdon Debbie and chrisPs Whilst everyone deserves a mention I must pay a special tribute to the guts and determination shown by both Chris and Debbie Payne to reach the summit, if ever I need a reminder of the fighting spirit and determination of a 22q11 parent then I will remember the courage they both showed