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22q At the Zoo 2018

Whipsnade Zoo

GroupDear Max Appeal members, we had a lovely day at Whipsnade Zoo this year, raising awareness of 22q with our joint enthusiasm, with some of us wearing the new Max Appeal t-shirts, some people in previous years t-shirts, some people in their own wonderful creations and some people just along for the fun, as one big 22q family where we are all welcomed. There was a lovely mixture of old friends and new, both adults, young people and children seemed to enjoy the occasion. We loved the bird display.

Other Max Appeal families visited other zoo's such as Marwell, Five Sisters, Chester and lots of local zoos too. Thanks Max Appeal for the continued support and opportunities to meet our ever extending family.
Clare McphersonBest Friends at Whipsnade
Mark Tripp AdamAdam at Whipsnade, enjoying the slide.
Debbie P HannahHannah & Family at Whipsnade

Yorkshire Zoo

YorkshireThere was also a small gathering that headed to Yorkshire Zoo. Looks like they have a wonderful time.

Thank you Lisa Franklin for organising.

Five Sisters Zoo

Lucy Duncan MatthewMatthew & Emma at Five Sisters Zoo
Louise Henderson AlfiePaige, Louise and Alfie at Five Sisters Zoo

Chester Zoo

Hannah ChapmanIsaiah, at Chester zoo

Marwell Zoo

Marwell LaurenA small gathering at Marwell Zoo arranged by Lauren Freitas.

Thank you Lauren for organising this.