Ivy'v Story What care and support is available for those with deletion 22q11 syndrome?


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Max Appeal Rocks!

Max Appeal Rocks! Raising Awareness of 22q, whilst having fun.

rockWelcome to Max Appeal Rocks!

This page has been inspired by similar ventures, and creative friends. It's aim is fun and to raise awareness of Max Appeal, a small charity with an ethos 'to improve lives of 22q11 families.

What is 22q11 I hear you say?
It is the most common chromosome disorder affecting 1:992 of the population, it is more prevalent than Down Syndrome.

It has 180+ symptoms associated with it, in varying degrees. Those with 22q11 disorders are affected in different ways, with variations of these symptoms, in varying degrees, all of which impact on their daily lives.

So this is how 'Rocks' work, you find a rock(s) natural ones are free, (or buy one/them if you want to). Please don't take them from people's gardens and we do not take them from beaches or public areas such as gardens and displays, etc. as I think in some areas you can be fined for this and do not take them from business's hotels etc.

Clean it (if required), let it dry, then you paint it, using acrylic paint (or poster paint mixed with pva glue), permanent markers or some people have used nail varnish! This makes it longer lasting. Perhaps you could use stickers, and cover them in glue (to keep them on the rocks). (Or use permanent markers).

Some creative 'Rocks' have been made using glitter glue, decoupage..... the list is endless! When it's dry if you want to weatherproof your rocks coat with something like spray varnish or an extra coating of pva glue, which dries clear.

Just ideas, be creative and inspire us. Any design use your imagination......!

mixedThen, write Max Appeal Rocks on the back, also put the F -Face Book sign on it too (maybe use permanent markers). If there is room you could add the date then when it is dry and ready. Take a photo please, post it on here
(Facebook link below or email us at info@maxappeal.org.uk), and hide it, wherever you like, park, near your school, when you go on holiday, on your way to work and let the fun continue!

Lots of places are doing this exciting adventure, so people will be looking for rocks, and will find ours, raising awareness of 22q.

You can then make someone smile when they find it, and raise awareness too!

If you're lucky enough to be a finder of a Max Appeal Rock, you can keep it or re-hide the rock for someone else to find, but please post a photo of your find and where you found it. It's very exciting to know who found your rock and great to see where they end up!

If you find another 'Rocks'- rock, please post a photo on here, and tag them in, to raise awareness of us, and share delight in their finds!

Everyone can join in! Let's go Max Appeal Rocks, let's raise awareness and have fun. Anyone can join in, all creations are valued and welcomed, from the 22q community and the society in the wider context of the world. So, let's get 22q on the global radar where it should be, where everyone has heard of it!

No negative posts or comments will be tolerated, these rocks will be created by children, young people and adults of varying ages and abilities.

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