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Scottish Disability Golf & Curling

ScotlandTwo sports founded in Scotland, are now on offer to disabled people for the first time!!!

The SDGP and the DCS have now merged to form

Scottish Disability Golf & Curling

Sticks & Stones

www.scottishdgc.org.uk/Index.asp?MainID=21667 Right Arrow
Providing sport all-year-round, for anyone of any age with a disability!

'We will still hold as much golf and golf tuition for our members, but over the winter months we will arrange ice curling games, at the numerous Scottish ice centres. Our next big event under the SDGC banner is a week-long ice event against a team of Canadian disabled curlers, early in January 2018. Games are being arranged in Edinburgh, Stirling, Dundee and Fife'

SDGC Membership is free, so why not get in touch and try out one or both sports.
Link below:

www.scottishdgc.org.uk/Index.asp?MainID=21667 Right Arrow