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Normanby Hall Family Meetup 15th October 2017

22q Family meetup Normanby Hall

Normanby HallThank you to Lisa Franklin for organising this family Day out.

It was my first time organising a meet up so I was a little nervous because a lot of the people who said that they were coming I hadn't met before. There were five families who came including myself and my two children and it was really lovely for people to be able to meet up with each other and chat about things. We were really lucky that they weather stayed nice for us and all the children loved climbing on the trees and having a run around. Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves and asked that I arranged another meet up close to Christmas.


Normanby Hall
Look out for the upcoming Christmas family meet up.

If you would like to organise a meet up, please email us at and we can help you.


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