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NHS England Proposals for Congenital Heart Disease Services

NHS EnglandIn July 2016, NHS England published a set of proposals regarding the future commissioning of congenital heart disease (CHD) services for children and adults. They describe the actions which NHS England propose to take in order to ensure a consistent standard of care for CHD patients across the country, for now and for the future.
NHS England propose to do this by implementing national service standards at every hospital that provides CHD services. The effect of their proposals, if implemented, will be that some hospitals will carry out more CHD surgery and catheter procedures, while others, which do not meet the relevant standards, will stop doing this work.
The aim of their public consultation is to provide you with information about their proposals, and the potential impact they may have, if implemented, on the delivery of services, and to seek your views about their plans. 
During the consultation period NHS England will be attending a range of events (see events list). They will also be hosting events including three large-scale face to face events and a series of webinars (online meetings)

Please see further details on the link provided.
https://www.engage.england.nhs.uk/consultation/chd/ Right Arrow

Young People CHD

So that children and young people are able to understand the proposals and share their thoughts NHS England have created the Young People CHD website with an animation and a secure portal that can be used by them to tell NHS England how they feel. 
www.youngpeoplechd.co.uk/ Right Arrow