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22q at the zoo 2017

22q at the Zoo 21st May 2017

Image: 3_zoo_medium.pngOn Sunday 21st May 2017 around the world the 22q11 Deletion Syndrome community came together to Raise Awareness of this little known Syndrome also known as Di George Syndrome and Velo Cardio Facial Syndrome by holding a get together for families to meet others who have a family member or members with this genetic syndrome
This was the 7th year this event at a designated Zoo has been held

Here in the U.K. 3 main Zoo venues were chosen, ZSL London Zoo, Chester Zoo, and Edinburgh Zoo were chosen by Max Appeal the only U.K. charity that supports sufferers and their families with this Syndrome

Chris and Sarah Ryan again were able to host this year and hosted at ZSL London Zoo, Chris' Company, Link2Connect helped to sponsor ZSL London Zoo along with Max Appeal to offer reduced prices at the U.K Zoo's

Chris, along with Sarah and Leah who both have 22q11 Deletion Syndrome were at ZSL London Zoo to welcome families who enjoyed a great day out and then meeting at lunchtime for a chat and a group photo, we welcomed 160 people to this event

(reported by Chris & Sarah Ryan - Thank you)

Photo - Chester, Edinburgh and ZSL
Image: chris_and_sarah_medium.jpgChris & Sarah Ryan
Image: fb_img_1495394704062_medium.jpg