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Sprout - A children's book by Richard Le Tourneau

Richard has kindly offered to donate 50% of all book sales until the 1st May 2017

Image: sprout_medium.jpgHi I'm Richard Le Tourneau, I put the post on your facebook group about donating through sales. I'm an author, mainly I write horror but I also have a lot of children's stories I'm working on. I released my first one Sprout last month in paperback (4.99) and ebook (99p.) I would like to donate to Max Appeal 50% from the sales starting today and ending on May 1st.

www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01N7S1BHH Right Arrow

Jeremy has just moved with his parents and older brother to a house in the country, it's only temporary due to his father's job. But not long after moving in Jeremy notices strange figures in the forest just past the bottom of the garden. His curiosity grows as does that of the unknown creatures who reside in the woods.
Jeremy soon befriends one of the strange creatures one night when it suddenly appears in his bedroom. Jeremy soon learns that their home in the forest is under threat from a house developer who plans to rip it all down and the neighbouring farm to make way for houses. But the creatures don't want their presence to be known to people, so Jeremy now needs to think of a way to stop the developers before its too late and also try to keep the Furnicles a secret too.

I spent a lot of time creating the language to make it easy and fun for both children and adults to learn and speak. Even though I have put the age on the book as 8-9 years-old it can be read by children younger, It has no bad language or scary scenes, It's a fun and charming book for all the family to enjoy.