Ivy'v Story What care and support is available for those with deletion 22q11 syndrome?


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Echo Evelina HQ Office

Upcoming parents resource room

Echo Evelina are opening their first office on the 27th Feb, opposite the Evelina & St Thomas Hospital, not only will they have an office base but in time they will also be opening a parents resource room that will be free for parents staying at the Evelina London to use offering facilities such as tea/coffee, computers, printers and relaxing furniture- giving space away from the hospital when needed.

They will also have a meeting and events space for max 20 people available to rent if you need to hold meetings, training or small focus groups in London.

0207 998 4710 Main office number
0208 617 3100 March 13th Direct Line

Canterbury House
1 Royal Street

Closest Station: Waterloo/Westminster
Opposite A&E of St Thomas Hospital