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Invitation to one Max Appeal family for an exclusive Landmark Trust property weekend break.

Open to Max Appeal members only:

Image: stockwell_farm_medium.pngApplications are open to Max Appeal families for an exclusive Landmark Trust property weekend break.

Date: 17 -20 March, 2017, Staying At: Stockwell Farm, Old Radnor, Powys.

Closing date for applications: 31.01.17

Details of the property Right Arrow
A Max Appeal family have the opportunity to benefit from a well deserved weekend break, on 17 -20 March, 2017 at one of the Landmark Trust's exclusive properties. The property made available to Max Appeal is Stockwell Farm,

Full property details; - see link below

Sleeps 6 Plus a cot.

To apply; info@maxappeal.org.uk

Please send us your name and contact details with a short statement telling us why you feel your family would be most deserving of a well needed break and how an opportunity for a weekend away will make a real difference to your family.

Max Appeal Trustees will decide the most deserving application.

The trip is all expenses covered. Landmark provide the property and Max Appeal covers all your reasonable travel and subsistence costs.