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A Poem written by Lizzy Cooper in memory of her cousin Conor

Image: conor_medium.jpgWhen the shackles of illness try to bind us,
I know one man who chose to live life,
His path was not one of convention,
It sometimes caused worry and strife.

His journey may not have brought fortune,
But I'd like to think he found fame,
In the hearts of those that loved him,
As the man who won his own game.

He had fun and travelled the world,
With music as his most loyal friend,
He never let the rules overpower him
And was with those he loved most at the end.

A long life of normality and safety,
Was never an option for Con,
He chose a route of defiance and adventure,
Although it has left great sadness, now that he's gone

So let's not focus of what we have lost,
Though the pain may be heavy to bear,
Let's raise a cider to the man who lived life,
Filled with a charm and passion, that's rare.

To the man who showed that courage and spirit,
Can allow us all to be free,
Even though his time was cut short,
At least he could say 'I was me'.

Lizzy Cooper