Ivy'v Story What care and support is available for those with deletion 22q11 syndrome?


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Image: nuneaton_xmas_lights_switch_on_photo_2[1]craig_collecting_medium.jpgMy name is Craig, I'm 27 years old from Leicestershire.

I've been a member of Max Appeal for a number of years now & I like to raise a bit of money for Max Appeal each year, since I suffer from Di George Syndrome (22q11.2 deletion). I've had many problems during my life so far; I had to have my throat tightened up at the back so it would enable me to talk. I've had a camera placed down my Heart but Doctor's said it was so small that it didn't closing up, I've got the S shaped spine (curved). smaller ears, webbed fingers on my hands & of course the eyes. I've got Special Needs so my day to day life is hard, I cannot go out on my own, I don't make friends very easy. I do like my own little world.

My interests

Image: nuneaton_xmas_lights_switch_on_photo_1[1]_craig_2011_medium.jpgMy interests are: Science Fiction (Doctor Who, Star Trek, Gerry Anderson), Music, Shopping, Supporting Leicester City FC & Hinckley United FC, Voluntary Hospital Radio Presenting, Going out for meals with my Parents.

I'm now a proud owner of Three Full Size Daleks from Doctor Who, my Uncle Paul & my mum Christine built them in order to raise money for Max Appeal. They took twelve months to complete & they were built in a tent in our back garden, made from fiberglass & have got electric wheelchairs inside & come with voice modulators for the Dalek voice. These Daleks are for HIRE for Parties, Weddings, Birthdays, Business events, Meet and Greet etc. In return for a Max Appeal Charity Fee & petrol costs, you must supply your own transport for these Daleks.

Always looking for opportunities

Craig Adams and Tony HeadI do voluntary hospital radio presenting once a week at Castle Mead Radio, I do promote Max Appeal sometimes via my live radio show. We broadcast to patients who are recovering in hospital & to staff members & also members of the public as we broadcast to our Outpatients Department & to another medical center & we can be heard live on the internet now since we've celebrated our 21st Birthday. My live show is each Friday evening from 5pm till 6.30pm, Feel free to place requests on our brand new website, you can click the webcam button and the listen live button.

Please visit: www.castlemeadradio.co.uk

I even got my photo taken with Anthony Head, Max Appeal patron and actor extraordinaire at a recent Dr Who event.

Please visit my mum's Youtube channel: