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Rob & Aaron Cook

Rob Aaron CookStory from Rob Cook:
In April this year we formed a band called the Cookies. It's me on drums, Aaron guitar and vocals, my sister on vocals and two friends on keyboards and bass. We play rocknroll and sixties. We have had few gigs and our next one is Dec 22nd 2018 at Glevum Inn, Gloucester and have four gigs booked for next year already.

The band only want to play once a month due to work commitments but Aaron has decided he would like to play more so decided to go solo. He plays rocknroll, sixties and modern music too.
He has only had two gigs so far one at Red Lion, Huntley and one at Cobblers inn, Newent. He had one on Dec 2nd at Cavern, Glos and one on Dec 9th, Heartsbarn, Longhope, one on Jan 25th 2019 at the Tank, Glos which is well known for hiring musicians.

I am promoting Aaron and sorting his bookings out whilst he does what he does best, concentrate on practicing. He is having singing lessons with a lead singer of a band called Over the Hill and he is helping Aaron no end. Aaron has decided his music is his passion now he no longer wants to do snooker professionally and he still plays to a high standard but only plays on Monday nights and Wednesday nights then two competitions a month at the academy, then the rest of week he practices guitar and singing.

We would like to say thank you for your support all these years We would love you to put Aarons story in magazine to try and encourage other youngsters to take up sport or music its really helped Aaron hope all well with you thank you again

Rob Cook
Dec 2018