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Leah's First Independent Train Journey

LRThe following story has come about by our family moving Counties to a new house, but Leah's College wanting her to stay on her current course for Pathways Life Skills to finish her year and hopefully gain a qualification to enable Leah to find work.
On Wednesday 6 January 2015
Leah Ryan was taken by her Dad Christopher Ryan to Wellingborough Train Station.

Leah was introduced to the train staff and boarded a train bound for Luton Airport Parkway Train Station, the train was an East Midlands fast train. Her Dad went with her to visually show her the journey.

When they arrived at Luton Airport Parkway, again Leah was introduced to the staff who assisted with passengers who need help boarding trains.

Leah then boarded a taxi to take her to her College, Leah had mastered using a taxi last year when her Dad was recovering from heart surgery and her mother wanted her daughter to learn new independent life skills.

Leah was extremely proud she had done this first combination journey of train and taxi.

When College finished, she was taken by taxi back to Luton Airport Parkway train station to board the homeward bound train, this time ALL on her Own, Leah asked an Assisted Train member of Staff who made sure she was on the right platform and train bound for Wellingborough.

Leah completed this return journey on her Own, she was met at Wellingborough Train station by her Dad.

We are so Thankful for the information regarding this service which came from Mark Tripp, it has given Leah the Confidence and huge boost she needed towards independent travelling and huge respect from her College as this aspect of independence is part of the Lifeskills Course for people with Learning Differences and this opportunity has let Leah learn this new skill.

We hope this story inspires others to take that leap, with assistance and back up in place, Anything is possible, the smile and confidence exuded from Leah on returning home cannot be measured, I wish We could Bottle it. :(

Well Done Leah. Fantastic Achievement.