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What's your fabulous 22qer been up to this week?

They are wonderful and achieving great things....

Let us know about the achievements and things you celebrate.

To add your achievement here, please email at info@maxappeal.org.uk with your story


Image: kelly_mennie_zak_medium.jpgHere's Zach with his swmimming badge and award. Go Go Zach.. Well done buddy!

Well done Bradley - 16 yrs old

Well done Bradley PlevinThe comments made by the two members of staff were overwhelming, tremendous support and love for Bradley. His last 3 months have been hard mentally but despite that everyone felt it was right he should receive these awards. When he moved to this school mainstream had written him off, now he is going on to study all media applications and high level computing. Difficult to express the pride we feel for him. Have cried and smiled with equal measure listening to so many people share that pride and belief. 22q can do.

Jade D of E Award

jadeI never would have even imagined Jade taking part in something like this, but it was suggested to us by a D of E leader at Jades special needs social club. She goes once a week to information sessions where they learn about First Aid, Map Reading, insects, spotting potential dangers in the countryside, planning to cook dinner on a camping stove, how to put up a tent, planning to pack a backpack, but most of all how to be away from Mum and a Dad with no carer for a short time, including overnight, this is a huge confidence builder. The target distance is determined by ability and the challenge is obviously different for kids with special needs... But the sense of achievement is huge. They also have other challenges such as a sport and community work. She was selected as part of a group to meet Prince Edward... complaining why does she have to dress up and Prince Edward got to turn up in a hoodie. I would recommend this to any parent who wants a peaceful weekend... I mean who feels their child would benefit from a confidence boost.

Leah Continuing to Learn about different forms of transport as part of her Lifeskills Course at College

Image: leah_medium.jpgMy tutor came with me on the bus today as I was wanting to try and learn the bus route from college to Luton Airport Parkway so I could get my usual train home today.
We went on the bus to Luton Airport Parkway together and I got the right train home.
I am so gratefully to have a tutor like Lin she has changed me so much in the almost past three years cause last year I was able to do taxi journeys on my own to college then this year is going to be a big step as I already have mastered the trains on my own but now hopefully soon I will be able to get the bus on my own to college and back to the station aswell.

Megan - Surfboard Design

Image: picture176049440_medium.pngLast year, her school submitted her surfboard design to a national competition and it was chosen along with 40 other school children's art to go on the Generation Art touring exhibition, which toured several towns/ cities. It is now back on the Isle of Wight locally exhibited.

Generation ART: Young Artists on Tour is an exhibition of children and young people's artwork aged 5 18, with an associated learning programme supported by the Arts Council England's Strategic Touring programme the Garfield Weston Foundation and the Helen Jean Cope Charity. It will tour to Quay Arts and be displayed in The West Gallery from 19th Mar to 7th May 2016.

Generation ART opened at Turner Contemporary, Margate in summer 2015, and is showing in New Walk Museum and Art Gallery and Soft Touch Arts, Leicester from 16th Jan to 6th March 2016 before heading to Quay Arts.

Please see link for full details below:
www.quayarts.org/event/generation-art/ Right Arrow

Fantastic Achievements from Rachel:

From her mom, Sue:
So pleased with Rachel's progress since she started university. One thing she has got used to is getting about independently by foot, by bus and train and by taxi. This was a huge challenge for her but she is getting more and more confident. It helps that York is quite a compact city. She is learning to plan journeys and always makes sure she has her phone and enough money for a taxi home when she goes out with her friends. Rachel was worried that people might not understand that she doesn't like nightclubs and doesn't like alcohol but thankfully she has found some good friends with similar interests who she feels comfortable with. She has even managed to arrange a house rental close to uni with a couple of friends for September. Things are stable healthwise at the moment and she is doing well with her coursework. She couldn't be happier right now.

Well Done Alfie

ahWell Done Alfie for incredible participation with our soluble or insoluble equipment, from Banff Primary School.

Rhys getting his Water Skills grade 2 Award. Well done young man.

rhysThis is Rhys getting his water skills grade 2 award certificate .

A real Achievement as last year he would have needed an adult to go up with him to get it .

Well Done Rhys.

George gets 'Star of the Week'

GeorgeGeorge age 5 got star of the week at school last week. Mom is so proud of him, massive well done for George.

Our First Fabulous Story of the New Year - 2016

Leah - Now travelling independently via train to college

To read Leah's fantastic achievement, please click below.
https://www.maxappeal.org.uk/max_and_friends/achievement_gallery/content.asp?s=81&p=114 Right Arrow

Zak, Speaking in front of the whole school

Zak, he's got 22q distal deletion he didn't say his first word until 3 years old and went through 4 years of intensive speech therapy. Today he stood in front of his whole school and parents and did a reading with a microphone Mum was so pleased and proud of him.

Check out the fab Youtube video...
https://youtu.be/_dOjf5Gd57A Right Arrow


emma saxbyHi this is Zoe who has hypermobility, low muscle tone and she also has congenital heart defects and had open heart surgery at 3 weeks old. She has just passed her internal assessment at ballet this is her getting her award.
Fab stuff Zoe. Well done.


cerysWonderful proud announcement from Tracey, Cerys's Mum.:
I'm Very proud of Cerys. I entered her drawing in the NT&AS ( home tutor competition ) and she won a voucher and got her picture on the calendar.

Adam - King for the Day

adamMessage from a very proud Dad, Mark Tripp. Our little bundle of trouble that we love so very dearly had a Xmas party at his school run Horse riding lesson today, Adam was chosen by his class mates to be the King ......... A great honour and shows how well he has settled in.

Connor & Rayden

connorConnor who is 22q and has autism sang and signed in town in front of hundreds of people his class started of the Celebrations for turning on of the Christmas lights in our town. I'm also proud of Rayden, my other 22qer because he's been tube fed all his life and had his first full yoghurt this week!!




joshuaJoshua has gone out with his worker for direct payments it was his first time without me being there he loved it

Harry - had some mates over...

harryHarri having his actual proper first sleepover with his 2 mates from school, tonight!!! They're all good so far!!!

Elliot 20th November 2015

elliotPulled himself up to stand today for the first time...he was born with fixed clubfeet (Talipes). Go Elliott! X

Brogan - 2 Awards in one week

broganWell done Brogan (7)