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Have you tried an abseil?

Aren't We a Bit Too Old to Throw Ourselves off a High Building?

Archies descent abseil 2011A number of Max Appeal supporters got together in Bristol and had a go at abseiling off of one of the old Bonded Warehouses in Bristol's once busy docks.

Arthur writes about the day.

When we were first contacted by Claire Hennessey to help her to raise money for Di George Syndrome Children in the form of 'The Max Appeal', we thought no more about it. After all it was all some way off in the future!
How difficult could it be to abseil off a building anyway? But as the day drew near, the reality of what we had done grew ever stronger, especially driving up to the old Bonded Warehouse overlooking the Cumberland Basin! Didn't realise it was as high as that or as steep!!!!

We were greeted at the back of the warehouse by Claire and reassured that it was all going to be straight forward after all, her own daughter Alicia had already done it twice!!! That only made us feel worse.
Both Chris and I were 'kitted up' with sit harnesses and
helmets and dispatched into the lift to the top of the building well not quite to the top! There was the climb up the internal ladder to contemplate first and then out on to the roof!

What magnificent views all round from the Clifton Suspension Bridge, Cabot Tower, St Mary Redcliffe and the scaffolding reaching up even higher and isappearing over the side of the building!

'Your turn now!' said a voice from on top of the tower. A safety line was fastened and I took the slow journey to the top of the tower, before being clipped onto the
abseil line. 'Turn round and move slowly to the edge but don't look down!' There was no chance of that happening! I must have looked like a big penguin slowly shuffling backwards the rope became tight and before I knew it I was sliding down the rope to be greeted by cheers from the watching gallery across the road in Ashton Park.

I watched from the safety of terra firma as Chris duplicated my walk to the edge of the building. Within what seemed like seconds he too was at the bottom, being
congratulated by all around.

This was the first time that I had completed an abseil in 35 years!

bristol cheque nov 2011For me, this was the first time that I had completed
an abseil in some 35 years for Chris, this was his first
ever abseil, a superb achievement!

Having completed one abseil, still full of adrenaline, we
both went back up to do it all again!!! Must have been
mad? However, the real achievement was in raising nearly
500 for the Max Appeal.

It was a great effort by everyone who took part in the day. Thank-you for supporting them and raising funds for Max Appeal.