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Beach Day
12th August 2012

Scarborough_BeachA number of families from the North East got together and enjoyed a day on the beach at Scarborough.

It was a great day out and perfect beach weather.
Scarborough_Beach_2Many of the families had met up earlier in the year at Flamingoland for the 22q Day, so it was good to catch up with news and enjoy a day on the beach.

It would be lovely to plan another one for next year, so look out for an information on our website.
Scarborough_Beach_3Chloe and Katie along with many more young people have got to know each other through Max Appeal.

Do let us know if you are interested in attending Max Appeal events by emailing; info@maxappeal.org.uk

We are always looking for new suggestions of fun things to do, so please come forward with any ideas and we will consider them.
Many thanks to all the parents who made this get together possible.