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22 for 22Q
1st November 2019 to Saturday 30th November 2019

Virtual Race for 22q

MedalThe month of November is important on the 22q11 calendar as it's awareness month so here at Max Appeal we are inviting members, families and friends to take part in our virtual race, not only will you be helping to create awareness but also working towards your very own reward medal.
So whether you have 22q11 or simply love someone who has the condition strap on your trainers or walking boots and join in, see how far you can go for 22q11 !!!

What is a virtual race?

A virtual race is a race that can be run, walked, cycled or swum from any location you choose. You can take part on the road, on the trail, on the treadmill, at the gym on the track, in the swimming pool or even whilst walking the dog. You get to race at your own pace and time to suit. All you need to do is record your distances

How do I record my distance?

There are many phone and watch apps which can do this for you, simply take a screen shot from your fitbit, Map my walk, Strava etc and send them in at the end of November. If using a treadmill photographing the screen will work just as well.
Many apps are free to download and easy to operate, if you need advice then please ask us or speak to family and friends who can show you how to download them for free.

How far?

We understand our members have different fitness levels and so the distance you choose is up to you, all we ask is that you choose the magic numbers 22 or 11 and let us know how far you intend to travel for 22q11
As an example you could choose 11 miles or 11 Km, you could choose 22 miles or 22 Km, you could decide to do a combination and tackle 11 miles in 22 days, the choice is yours and you have plenty of time to complete the challenge
Challenge your friends and family to see just how far or how quick they can go to help raise awareness
Remember to keep your target achievable and that you have the entire month of November to complete it in.


To enter our virtual race you will need to make a donation to Max Appeal, 10 for Adults and 5 for16 & under, at the end of November and once you have completed your target you will be sent a medal for you to proudly wear

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There is no requirement for anyone to collect sponsorship monies but if you decide you would like to go that extra mile then please let us know and we can provide you with sponsorship forms, alternatively you can set up a justgiving page.

Can we race in groups?

What a wonderful idea, why not connect with other members and volunteer to meet up for walks or runs in your local area, the virtual race could be your opportunity to meet others in your area, if you are interesting in arranging a meet up then please let us know and we can help you advertise it.
Just think a walk in the park could lead to not only a medal but also lifelong friendships and new support networks

How do I sign up?

Absolutely anyone can join the Max Appeal Virtual race from friends, families, class mates to work colleagues, simply ask them to email Info@maxappeal.org.uk and we will send out all the information needed.


tshirtIf you want to make a visual impact whilst completing your challenge then why not wear one of our amazing t-shirts, simply head to our ebay store and purchase one today.

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