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3rd European 22q11-deletion Syndrome Conference
16th November 2019 to Sunday 17th November 2019

22q soc catalunIt is an honor for the Catalan Association of the 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome to host the third European Congress on the 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome. On November 16-17 2019, we will welcome to Barcelona well-known doctors and researchers on the syndrome who will be sharing their knowledge and expertise during two days with families and professionals from all over Europe.
We are sure it will be a successful exchange of information and experience as it was on the two previous editions in Brussels and Dublin.

The Congress will take place at the facilities of Disseny Hub Barcelona. This modern building is home to the Design Museum and counts with an auditorium with capacity for more than 300 people that will allow us to enjoy the plenary conferences with all the necessary technical requirements.

Full details:
https://22q.cat/3rd-european-22q11-deletion-syndrome-conference/?lang=en Right Arrow