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22q at the Zoo Worldwide Awareness Day 2018
20th May 2018

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You can still turn up on the day and pay normal entrance fees.

Email us at info@maxappeal.org.uk if you would like info on meetup details.

Max Appeal Zoo Locations

Image: 22q-zoo-worldwide-awareness-day-home-300x181_medium.pngMax Appeal are pleased to announce that on Sunday 20th May 2018 we will be going to the Zoo along with our 22q11 family across the world in support of the International 22q11.2 Foundations annual '22q at the Zoo' day.

We will be hosting Max Appeal members at the following locations

Whispnade Zoo Bedfordshire
Chester Zoo Chester
Five Sisters Zoo Livingston

These locations have been chosen for their disability access along with strategic locations and we hope to welcome record numbers this year for a day when the international 22q11 community comes together

In addition to these venues we have a bursary type scheme available for those families unable to travel to our chosen locations and who wish to participate on the day, to qualify for funding we are looking for a minimum number of three families to come together at smaller locations across the country. We sadly don't have the resources to organise these smaller venues and so it will require volunteers to organise the day and liaise with the chosen venue re entry etc, we will of course support you with ideas on how to plan your day. If you think you are interested in organising one of these venues then please email info@maxappeal.org.uk for further details.

As per last year Max Appeal will be subsidising entry costs for all members who wish to attend.

Max Appeal T-shirt Order Form

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Please email us with any queries. info@maxappeal.org.uk
This fabulous event is aimed at raising the public profile of chromosome 22q11.2 syndromes. As you may be aware, '22q at the Zoo' Worldwide Awareness Day in 2017 was hosted in over 100 zoo locations with close to 10,000 participants worldwide! This year we would like to increase this number and we cannot do this without your help!