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22q at the Zoo
22nd April 2012

22q at the Zoo

22q at the zooMax Appeal is delighted to promote the world wide awareness day for 22q on the Sunday 22nd April.

It will be an opportunity for 22q families to meet up and have a fun day.

There will be meetings at the following locations;

Flamingoland(near Leeds)

To book your place and take advantage of the group rates for zoo entrance please email the most appropriate link for you.

Volunteers for each location are making arrangements for families to meet up and plan the day.


Don't forget to take plenty of photos of all the fun and send them to info@maxappeal.org.uk along with your stories.

Stories about the day, '22q at the Zoo'

WhipsnadeThere was a great turnout for the World wide Awareness Day on Sunday 22nd April.

Here are some of your stories and photos. Please keep them coming and share your day with everyone. Forward them to Claire@maxappeal.org.uk

22q Awareness Day at Whipsnade Zoo

Whipsnade22q Awareness Day at Whipsnade Zoo
22nd April 2012
The Organisers Story - by Sarah and Chris Ryan

Sunday 22nd April 2012 dawned bright and sunny, and after the three previous days of heavy rain we breathed a sigh of relief that it looked like it was going to stay mostly dry.

Chris and Sarah (with their daughter Leah) arrived at Whipsnade Zoo before opening time. Ashgoal (the Barnet-based company that Chris works for) had sponsored the function room for our use and they had also paid for all the children to have a special T-shirts if they wanted one.

We set up inside the function room so that we could meet and greet everyone in our group of 129 adults and children. Chris stood inside to hand out T-shirts and relay the information to everyone arriving while Sarah stood outside proudly wearing the 22q Worldwide awareness Day T-shirt so that everyone arriving could see where we were based.

It was lovely to put faces to all the names we had spoken to on the MaxAppeal Facebook group page. As requested, almost everyone had arrived before 12.30pm, so that Chris, Sarah and Leah could wander around the Zoo and have some lunch.

We returned to the function room for 2.00pm for a planned meet-up, with free tea, coffee and squash refreshments available for everyone.

We made a small speech to thank everyone for attending and had a minute of silence and prayer at 2.22pm in memory of those who had not been able to attend this special day, and to pray that those who were afflicted would learn to cope with their problems.

We had the great pleasure of meeting Julie, Paul and Archie Wootton - founders of the UK
Support Group MaxAppeal for the 22q11 syndrome. We also were joined by Alex Habel (now retired Consultant) from Great Ormond Street Hospital.

We took lots of photos and met and chatted to many families.

22q11 Worldwide Awareness Day was a fantastic Event and we have had many comments back saying how much families enjoyed meeting others experiencing the 22q11 Syndrome. Without exception they all said that they hoped that there will be an opportunity to meet again next year.

We would like to say a huge thank you to the Wootton family, and also to Claire Hennessey who has kept us informed - It was our first time of helping to organize an event of this size with MaxAppeal.

We know the other Zoo's in the UK taking part had a good time despite the bad weather some of them experienced.

22q at Flamingoland

FlamingolandSome of our North East members got together at Flamingoland, near Leeds to celebrate World Wide awareness day.

Here are a few comments from Martin who orgainsed the event;

Well..... what a bloomin good day!

Paul and Julie, thank you so much for your continued efforts and support for all our families who benefit from our 22q children. Without you days like today would just not happen. Thanks again from us all.

For me the best part of the day wasn't being dragged onto all the frightening rides by my son Josh, nor was it Chloe actually getting brave enough to go on some of the rides herself....... it was meeting you all and chatting at lunchtime and learning from your own experiences and how they were so similar to ours.

We mentioned about getting together again and meeting up on Scarborough Beach one Sunday in summer. Look out for further news on a summer meet up!

Edinburgh Zoo

Edinburgh zoo31 people met together at Edinburgh zoo. It was great to get together, the day remained dry all day! The kids were such a lovely bunch, so happy & funny.

Spot the panda

Image: 22q@the_zoo_020_panda_medium.jpgThe pandas were not very obliging, glimpses of their bottoms as they slept was about the best we could do, but at least we managed to see them.

Looking forward to next year!