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Scottish Families Day
12th November 2011

Scottish Families Meet Up

Scottish Meet Up Nov 20114 families met up at the Dundee Science Centre on 12th November. Between us there were 10 children, 5 affected by the condition. All the children instantly got on with each other, like they had known each other for years. The parents had plenty to chat about, lots of stories to share & a great deal of support to offer each other.

Everyone enjoyed the hands on exhibitions, Tristan & Daisy particularly liking being involved in making a 'pop rocket.'

We then moved on to find somewhere to eat so we could continue the chat. Most of the rest of the population of Dundee seemed to be out that night, so we had to settle for a Little Chef where plenty burgers were consumed.

Eventually it was time to leave, not without a few tears from some of the children as they said goodbye to their new friends, but with a definite promise of another meet up in the spring. There were a few more families who could not make this initial meet up, there will definitely be more, watch this space.

Sarah Goodyear

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