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The Colourthon Events
2nd July 2016

Image: colourthon_medium.pngThe Colourthon events are staged in and around Chalkwell Park in Southend by Southend Round Table as a fundraising initiative for various registered charities, full information is available from our website - www.colourthon.org.
If you're not aware of the Colourthon it is essentially a fundraising initiative comprising of three separate sponsored fun events. The first, and brand new for 2016, is the Paint Run which is open to all ages with the challenge being to run 5 pre-determined 1km laps of Chalkwell Park and sees the runners showered in a burst of coloured powder paint on completion of each lap.
The second is the Twilight Colourthon, a 10k walk around the picturesque streets of Southend-on-Sea and Thames Estuary and the third being the Moonlight Colourthon, a half marathon walk around Southend, Westcliff, Chalkwell and Leigh through the evening and into the early hours of the following morning.