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Summer Outing Scarborough Beach
23rd August 2015

Image: scarborough__beach_medium.jpgEnjoy a day at the beach with other Max Appeal families. Beach day is becoming an annual tradition so if you haven't tried it then please join us this year for an informal fun day.
Further details nearer the time, on where to meet and times.

Meeting details:

For those who have been before, meet up where we met last year
Any new members, details are: on the North Bay Beach near the end of Royal Albert Drive (YO12 7TN). I have used a post code from one of the shops nearby which will bring people to the general vicinity. There are parking spaces all along Royal Albert Drive where people can park.
I shall be getting there for around 9.00 so I can get a space right next to the promenade wall and shall get the windbreaks up with the Max Appeal flag proudly displayed.
Thanks - Martin Kennedy.