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Train Driver Academy Visit
18th October 2014


Image: group_train_12_medium.jpgMax, Leah and Dean are off to visit the Train Driver Academy on Saturday 18th October, hosted by Govia.

Have a great day!

We will look forward to hearing all about the visit.
Image: group_train_5_medium.jpgAlthough the lucky winners of our train competition had an extremely early start on Saturday morning, it was an experience not to be missed.

Max, Leah and Dean had a guided tour of the Hornsey Train Maintenance Depot and they learnt loads about all the work which go on behind the scenes to keep our trains running and providing passengers with a safe and efficient service.

They each had a fantastic time in the special simulators used to train new train drivers. It was just like being in a real train drivers cab with exactly the same controls. All sorts of situations were put in their pathways including adverse weather, snow, fog, and rain and over running the station platform as well as having to keep their passengers informed about what was going on when the train suddenly came to a standstill!

Image: group_train_766493732_medium.jpgTo have the privilege of being in the cab with a train driver taking a scheduled train full of passengers into Kings Cross Station was unbelievable. Max especially, had to pinch himself in case he was dreaming.

A huge thank-you to Mark Tripp and Govia Thameslink Railway for making the day so memorable for everyone.